Vocational Rehabilitation

At PEAK Sport and Spine, the injured worker is similar to the injured athlete (or performer); only the playing field is different. Our dedicated therapists work closely with all involved parties to ensure appropriate case management, cost containment and successful return to work. We have a variety of services that address the needs of the injured worker:
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Hand Therapy
  • Vestibular Therapy
  • Work Conditioning
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s)
  • Post-Offer Employment Testing (POETs)

Vocational Rehab Services

Work Hardening

Designed for patients who have been off work or restricted from work for more than a few weeks. The program incorporates material handling, postural tolerances, general conditioning, therapy exercises, and body mechanics education. The goal is to return patients to their regular duty with minimal risk of re-injury. Work hardening is group therapy that is usually ordered 4 hours/day for 5 days/week.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Generally, a 4-hour evaluation to determine a patient’s job-related functional abilities. Testing includes material handling ability, postural tolerances, objective musculoskeletal measurements and validity testing which includes information on the patient’s effort and reliability. The XRTS FCE format is our chosen FCE format and includes validity testing with the Hand Strength Assessment and Lever arm to determine the sincerity of effort.

Pre-Employment & Post-Offer Evaluations

Designed to meet the individual needs of the employer to screen for the worker’s ability to perform the essential functions of the job as well as provide a baseline musculoskeletal evaluation. WorkSTEPS is our chosen Post offer format but we do administer other post offers as chosen by employers.

Job Simulation Therapy

Therapeutic activity that can be incorporated into an existing physical therapy patient’s routine. This is commonly used for a patient who has been restricted from work for just a few weeks. This is commonly referred to as Work Conditioning.
Example: Refuse collector has been off work for two weeks and receiving physical therapy for an ankle sprain. Therapists have the opportunity to incorporate climbing, lifting and carrying activities into physical therapy treatment.

Validity Testing

This is a service that can be incorporated into a physical therapy evaluation or reassessment. This uses the XRTS Hand Strength Assessment and Lever Arm to objectively measure performance. Standardized testing is used to determine the consistency and quality of effort. Therapists can also incorporate clinical observations and subjective reports that document consistency. This is commonly used when there is suspicion of inappropriate illness behavior.

Ergonomic Consultation

This is a service provided at the workplace. Services include Physical demands analysis, ergonomic job study, computer workstation evaluation, job modification, work transition and education programs. For these services, we primarily choose to utilize Peak Ergonomics, Inc.

Patient Education Program

General ergonomic principles for patients needing instruction in tasks such as safe techniques for lifting/moving/performing work as well as fitness education. Back and Neck School video format, with instructor demonstration/instruction as needed.

Clinics Providing Industrial Rehab Services

Contact your local PEAK Sport and Spine Physical Therapy clinic to see what industrial rehabilitation services are provided at our clinic nearest you.