About Us

We look forward to helping you meet your goals, getting you back into life at your peak physical potential.

About The Company

Sport and Spine founder Phillip Smith and Peak Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine founders Mark Dempsey, Todd Ankenman, and Shaon Fry started their businesses because they felt that the market lacked truly patient-centered outpatient physical therapy. Both companies expanded throughout the state, bringing their superior care to new markets in need of rehabilitation services. These expansions allowed both companies to add many of the best clinicians in the state as partners in the mission to offer cutting edge rehabilitation services throughout Missouri. As the healthcare marketplace changed, it became clear that two respected competitors might serve their communities more effectively as one company.

In November of 2014, Peak Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine and Sport and Spine Rehab joined to form the largest privately owned outpatient physical therapy company in Missouri, PEAK Sport and Spine. This merger combined two companies with roots in the Central Missouri region committed to outstanding, patient-centered physical therapy where clinicians are allowed to base their professional decisions on what is best for the patient. Currently, our ever-expanding clinic base includes 45 offices throughout the state of Missouri.

PEAK Sport and Spine strives to provide excellent, cost-effective care for a wide variety of conditions ranging from orthopedic conditions, vestibular conditions to pain management. The combination of Peak Performance and Sport and Spine has enabled us to bring the strengths of both companies together to offer the widest variety of treatment in the region. Through our new partnership, we are able to offer post-surgical rehabilitation, work injury prevention and rehabilitation services, treatment of many neurological conditions, cutting edge manual therapy, superior sports medicine coverage, and outstanding hand rehabilitation. In the future, we plan to continue to expand our services offered to the communities that we serve as well as continue to add new communities to our service area.

Why Choose Us?

Since 1999, It has been our goal at PEAK Sport and Spine to provide the highest quality of physical therapy services to the citizens and communities we serve. With over 55 clinics, PEAK offers convenient locations in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois. When visiting our clinics, patients experience prompt scheduling and extremely professional physical therapy services. We have assembled a team of highly qualified physical therapists, all with unique skills sets and open minds, in order to seamlessly integrate treatment methods and efficiently take care of our patients’ needs. This is why local physicians not only consistently refer patients to our facilities, but also why they come to us when injured.

Our friendly office staff will enthusiastically welcome you, help you to complete your paperwork, and guide you to a pleasant therapy experience. Our therapists will listen to you, understand what you are experiencing, and find the optimum methods to improve your health. Our services are focused on delivering the best possible outcome for every patient.

From the moment you enter the clinic, you will notice the caring environment and the genuine concern we have for getting to know our patients and meeting their personal health goals. That is why we are proud to be the clinic where patients come when they have failed with conventional therapy at other facilities.

At PEAK Sport and Spine we strive to not just chase pain, but rather fix the root of the problem and educate you on how to keep it from returning.

Whether your condition was caused by a sport, work, accident, or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you. Our unique therapeutic approach by our friendly and knowledgeable staff is what sets us apart from other physical therapy clinics.

Our Mission

  • Be the best and most well-respected provider of physical rehabilitation services and products.
  • Identify and implement the best practices to provide the most clinically effective rehabilitation services.
  • Offer each patient the highest level of service along with our expertise in order to greatly improve disability, injury, and disease.

Our Vision

  • At PEAK Sport and Spine, our number one priority is the patient. Our compassionate clinicians provide a one-on-one individualized treatment approach. Sufficient time is allowed for each patient so that we can ensure proper treatment progression and secure the best outcome for our patients.