Methods of Payment

Pay Online Here
By Mail

You may submit your payment via check, money order or credit card. Credit and debit cards are accepted with the MasterCard, Visa or Discover logo. Return the top portion of your patient statement along with your payment method to the address provided on the patient statement.

By Telephone

You may contact our Billing Office during the business hours listed below to pay your bill with a representative. Credit and debit cards are accepted.

At the Clinic

You can stop by any PEAK Sport and Spine clinic and pay your balance in person.

Questions About Your Bill?

Phone:  573-449-6082
Hours (Central): Monday  – Friday    7:30 am – 5:00 pm


  • For Aetna and Anthem Claims, dial extension 221 or option 2
  • For UnitedHealthcare and UMR Claims, dial extension 203 or option 1
  • For Essence, Medicare, all Medicare Replacement and all government plans dial extension 208 or option 3
  • For Cigna and all other plans, dial extension 220 or option 4
  • For questions about Liens, dial extension 207 or option 5
  • For questions about Work Comp Claims, dial extension 202 or option
What do I do if I disagree with how my insurance company has processed my claims?

If you have questions regarding the amount of payment or non-payment on your claim, call your insurance company for an explanation. If the insurance company finds that an error was made, note the information and whom you talked with at the insurance company. Request an anticipated payment date and ask if they need anything to complete processing. If the insurance company feels the bill was paid correctly and you still disagree, find out from the insurance company what you need to do to file an “appeal” with them. Filing an appeal will not guarantee that the insurance company will pay more on your bill, but the claim will be reviewed for reconsideration.

What do I do if I disagree with what I was charged for therapy?

If you have questions regarding what you were charged for your therapy (i.e. why did I get charged for Therapeutic Activities), you will need to contact the therapist who provided the service at the facility.

What do I do if I disagree with how my insurance company has processed my claims?

If you have questions regarding the patient statement you received in the mail or how your insurance provider processed your claim after speaking with them, please contact our Billing Office at the number above.