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At Peak Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, located in Fulton, Missouri, we strive to provide excellent and cost-effective care for a wide variety of conditions. Our clinic can be found at 401 Gaylord Dr, Fulton, MO 65251. As a 100% therapist-owned company, we are committed to a truly patient-centered approach, ensuring that your recovery is directed by you rather than a hospital or healthcare corporation. This approach builds trust and fosters successful outcomes, leading to referrals from practitioners who rely on the outstanding results we achieve for their patients. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in achieving your goals and restoring your well-being.
  • LSVT Big for Parkinson’s
  • Vestibular Therapy
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • OGI
  • Falls/balance
  • Cupping
  • Kinesio taping
  • Sports Medicine

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Meet The Team

Jill Gamlin

Clinic Director & Physical Therapist

Kimberly Kritzer

Physical Therapist

Dionna Huffman

Physical Therapy Assistant

Kelly Nickelson

Physical Therapist

Dawn Threatt

Athletic Trainer

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Jill, Kimberly and Kelly all have years of experience and do an excellent job of physical therapy for every condition. My experience there has been with knee and hip replacement I would highly recommend this highly skilled and very personable team. Even the reception staff is excellent for insurance and appointments and whatever questions you might have.
I’m thankful we have such a quality business in our community” – Terri B.

“Jill and her staff are stellar. Always have my best outcome in mind while educating me to be better! Love them!” – Florence D.

“Everyone at Peak was very helpful and very friendly and knowledgeable at what they were doing.” – Amy W.

“Peak Sport and Spine at Fulton, MO have professional, knowledgeable, fun staff and I’m getting quick results!” – Louisa O.

“My husband and I have both had physical therapy several times with Jill Gamlin. She is very professional, and her credentials are of the highest quality. She works hard to help you reach your goal to have the best possible outcome for your recovery and increased quality of life. We would highly recommend Jill, and her staff at PEAK Sport & Spine, to anyone who needs quality care in the field of physical therapy.” – Ann A.

“Kelly Nickleson is knowledgeable about my problem: parkinsons disease. She knows how to push me to do my best and do it gently. Her therapy is what is keeping me moving and living.” – Miya S.

“Kimberly was very patient, helpful, and knowledgeable. After listening carefully to my issues she implemented a plan to assist me in feeling better. I am confident the therapy will help.” – Pam F.

“I would highly recommend PEAK to everyone. They are by far the best physical therapist ive had pleasure to work with. The whole staff are A-1 top notch. I look forward to working more with them on rotater cuff. Ive went to select therapy before PEAK.
I feel that was a waste of my time. Go to the best first at Peak, you will not regret it” – Clint B.

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