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At Peak Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, located in West Columbia, Missouri, we strive to provide excellent and cost-effective care for a wide variety of conditions. Our clinic can be found at 2003 W Broadway Suite 105, Columbia, MO 65203. As a 100% therapist-owned company, we are committed to a truly patient-centered approach, ensuring that your recovery is directed by you rather than a hospital or healthcare corporation. This approach builds trust and fosters successful outcomes, leading to referrals from practitioners who rely on the outstanding results we achieve for their patients. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in achieving your goals and restoring your well-being.

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Meet The Team

Lindsay Bell

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Kurt Lackland

Master of Physical Therapy

Brooke Zukowski

Physical Therapist

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Kaili Gramke

Physical Therapist Assistant

Cheryl Monteer

Front Office

Lisa Lauer

Front Office

Kylie Murray

Physical Therapist Assistant

What Our Clients Are Saying

“My physical therapist is very attentive to my muscle development and repair. He knows I recently has a total right hip replacement complicated by the rheumatoid arthritis in both my shoulders and knees. So even though I am making progress my remaining issues are holding my progress back somewhat…
I am very happy with the care and dedication Jacob, my therapist, devotes to his profession!” – Cole V.

“The staff at Peak have been friendly, kind, and have helped with my recovery” – Jorja G.

“Curtis is very nice, friendly, and very helpful . It was a great experience to work with someone so knowledgeable. I will definitely be coming back.” – Patrick F.

“5 stars for sure at Peak!! If 10 were available it would be a a resounding ten! My experience thus far has been amazing and very encouraging. My fractured wrist was so weak after being in a cast for 6 weeks…I was feeling kind of low! Meeting and working with Kurt and Kylie has helped me improve my range of motion…and everyone at Peak is very kind and friendly!!
I look forward to my sessions . I know that the “”pushes “”they give me during my appts.will help me attain my goal…which is getting my wrist agile and strong!!
Thanks to all!!! So glad I chose Peak❤” – Maggie D.

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