How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost?

Nov 10, 2023

If you’ve been recommended physical therapy, you might be wondering about the financial commitment involved. It’s natural to be cautious, especially when it comes to healthcare expenses, and you may be asking the question, “How much does physical therapy cost”? Many people are happily surprised to find out that most insurance plans will cover some or all of the cost depending on the specific plan, deductibles, and benefits. The journey towards healing through physical therapy can be more affordable and accessible than you might think.

Most Insurance Plans Cover Physical Therapy

A significant aspect of managing the cost of physical therapy is understanding your insurance coverage. Most insurance plans, including those that are in-network with PEAK Sport and Spine, cover physical therapy to some extent. This coverage can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket cost for each appointment.

Common Insurance Benefits for Physical Therapy

When it comes to insurance coverage for physical therapy, there are several common benefits that many policies offer. Typically, insurance plans provide coverage for a significant portion of the cost of physical therapy sessions. This coverage often includes a set co-pay amount or possibly a co-insurance percentage, where the insurance company pays a certain percentage of the cost, and the patient is responsible for the remaining portion. For example, it’s not uncommon for insurance plans to cover 60-80% of the therapy cost under co-insurance, leaving the patient to pay the remaining 20-40%. Additionally, many insurance plans have a cap on the number of physical therapy sessions they cover annually, which is an important factor for patients to consider when planning their treatment.

Understanding the Specifics of Your Insurance Plan

It’s important to understand that all insurance policies are different, and the benefits can vary greatly from one plan to another. While some plans offer generous coverage for physical therapy, others may have more limited benefits. This variability emphasizes the importance of patients becoming familiar with their specific insurance policy details. At PEAK Sport and Spine, we are happy to assist patients in being informed of their insurance benefits so they can understand what estimated costs they can expect. We can provide insights into potential co-pay or co-insurance percentages, session limits, and any other relevant details specific to a patient’s insurance plan, ensuring that individuals are well-informed about their financial responsibilities before starting physical therapy.

Investing in Physical Therapy Now Could Save You Money Later

Physical Therapy and Surgery

One of the most significant ways physical therapy can lead to financial savings is by serving as a safe, non-invasive option to surgery. At PEAK Sport and Spine, the focus on comprehensive examination and treatment methodologies often allows patients to manage their conditions effectively. 

Enhancing Surgical Outcomes with Prehabilitation

Even when surgery is necessary, undergoing physical therapy beforehand can lead to a more positive outcome, potentially reducing the overall healthcare costs. PEAK Sport and Spine offers prehab or pre-surgery rehabilitation, where therapists work closely with the surgeon to prepare the patient for the procedure. This preparation, known as prehabilitation, can lead to better post-surgical outcomes, including reduced recovery time and a quicker return to normal activities. Patients who undergo prehabilitation often experience a smoother postoperative course, which can translate into fewer complications and a reduced need for additional treatments or prolonged postoperative care, ultimately saving money long-term.

Find Out How Much Physical Therapy Costs at PEAK Sport and Spine

While the question of “how much does physical therapy cost” is important, it’s essential to communicate with both the physical therapy facility and your insurance company. PEAK Sport and Spine accepts all major insurances, making physical therapy more accessible. We accept all major insurance plans and we verify coverage with your insurance carrier before treatment. We offer flexible payment options and are transparent about all costs. We’ll answer all of your insurance questions and explain our claim procedures, so you can focus on getting the treatment you need. Find a convenient location near you, and we would be happy to check your insurance benefits and determine an estimated cost for you.

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